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I departed from the deconstructionism in text, and how the reader became the author of a text and the changing power relations in the modern society with the modification of the author-function that Foucault talks about in his “What is an Author” writing.

Here is a short excerpt from my paper on the subject;

“What does it matter who is speaking, what does it matter who is speaking? As the catharsis of the tragedies suffered a change through time and space, the identity of the stage and the interplay evolved into a new form of space and dialogue; leading the audience turn into a tele-reader of the stage and the critique of the heavy sentiment it has been creating for years. The challenge was signed and examined by two nonlocal and eccentric playwrights, the Irish avant-garde dramatist Samuel Barclay Beckett and the German theatre practitioner Bertolt Brecht, giving rise to a mid-20th century idea of an “epic theater” with the disentangling of the pre-designated melodrama of a traditional activity of pure watching. Absorbing the audience, the play came to be talking to the audience, keeping them aware that they are watching a play by the trial of a distancing effect, alienation, or in Brechtian language Verfremdungseffekt. “Distancing is not destruction, it is an opening up: a rethinking of place.”(Benjamin, A., Deconstruction, p.85) Not a great success though, the method rendered the audience or -reading the stage as a text, what Roland Barthes would do- rendered the reader to be focused on the text itself, rather than the ontology of the writer nor the actor. Author was nodded to be the creator and the executioner of the writing, and the subject of criticism of the reasonable traditional Western was the author-figure itself until then Mallarmé, for the first time in flesh, restored the place of the reader within the text, from a passive regression to an active transgression. The criticism began at the crash of the writings and the reader space, every voice was destructed, the author entered into his own death, writing began. (Barthes, R., Death of the Author)”

… and in the further analysis of the concept, the power relations I’ve mentioned above, I referred to the Czech director’s short movie Dimensions of Dialogue, below. All of Svankmajer’s movies are worth watching, if you haven’t yet, now’ll be a good startpoint.