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Category Archives: color

Noel Kerns is a photographer i met recently over flickr. He’s a Dallas based photographer who captures Texas towns, abandoned spaces and towns he fantasizes with his pretty intensive use of different light sources at night. He usually does night shooting, which is pretty interesting once you combine the unseen with artificial colored light strobes. He captures the essence and beauty of shooting buildings under full moon, besides shooting at the interior of those buildings.

His scenes are mostly ghostly and deserted, and it seems that he’s most affectionate about the details revealed at night through the moonlight. He names this revelation of his imagination as “execution”. This execution recreates the seen vision through the control of the space.

As i’m severely interested in abandoned spaces for the past 2 months, and will be for another while since i’m doing my video shooting in such abandoned places in my city, i envied the environment he could cope up with and fruited his final works.

Below are several of mu personal favorites, better watch this man he’s fascinating. What’s actually more fascinating is that he explains how he processes his work under each and every work.