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Monthly Archives: January 2011



Awesome pictures of Mexico City. Actually Mexico City is the largest city in the world, estimated to be around 60 million in the early 90s, but there is such a huge amount of homeless and very very poor people that they aren’t even registered with the city. The 20 million would be the registered citizens more than likely. Mexico seems to have great buildings and houses, exremely creative. If I ever have a chance to go to the city, I wish to go to Santa Fe. The architecture of the city amazed me, the houses, market ares especially.



Josephine Foster, an American modern folk singer/songwriter and musician from Colorado worked as -an adolescent- a funeral and wedding singer. Soon enough she was aspired to become an opera singer but her state of mind brought her to a point when she began recording her demos of the songs she has written. Her first recording, There Are Eyes Above (2000), an album of ukulele accompanied songs, and shortly then a tiny album consisting of children’s songs, Little Life (2001).

For several years she worked as a singing teacher in Chicago, recording and performing with a variety of musical acts. In 2004, joined by her occasional backing band The Supposed (Brian Goodman on guitar and Rusty Peterson on drums), she released an album of psychedelic rock called All the Leaves Are Gone.

Her voice keeps me reminding of ignoring the city and depicts perfectly a landscape that leads one to no movement, as her voice depends on no movement neither a trend. It’s even hard to tag her music, but one thing is simple to define that her soft voice is a memento of the middle era.

“She has practically defined what it means to be an outsider folk singer. Initially with Born Heller and then solo and accompanied by the Supposed, her unsettling soprano and way with a song takes the eerie otherness of those early Appalachian ballads and brings them, whispering, into our dreams.”

Alex Hohlov is a Philadelphia-based graphic designer/illustrator/motion reel designer, aka. veaone. Several of his graphic design work are non-commercial yet abstract artistic pieces. Geometrically constructed compositions of him give me the feeling of the explosion of the beginning of something, that something could be an action like birth or like flying, a feeling of a greath height or dilemma. The images have the futuristic motion, a supremacy of feelings which makes is graphics extremely attractive.