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“Postcards from a Green Future” depicts an insightful peep into an unrevealed spectacle. Though the beautiful images are so very indicative of a sustainably green future, a certain element of disarray still prevails owing to unspecific boundaries that are supposed to exist in the future. Both the artists, Liam Young form Tomorrow’s Thoughts Today and Darryl Chen, have remained as secretive as they could be in their projections.


The postcards attracted my attention mostly because of my graduation project, which my few last entries were also relevant to. My project covers a utopian narrative of a city, with different zones, all recycling themselves and the other zones in the city that they’re related to within a garden like environment. I was influenced, ideally, by the garden-city utopia of Le Corbusier; it’s about the possibility and sustainability of a dense setting in a park/garden city. To make the city dense yet less crowded is defined in his utopia as ascending or growing vertically; hightening the buildings yet now they’re far away from one another, different from the settling in these above and below scenes of a green future.

“These speculative scenes of “a green future” show us an over-the-top, solar-powered utopia of detached single-family houses and wind turbines, woven together with light rail and renewable energy technologies; it’s an Eden of sprawl spreading out into London’s most distant scattered cityscape.”

la ville contemporaine

This reminded me naturally of Le Corbusier’s La Ville Contemporaine, which I found not really feasible for the already alienating modern society. He proposes a 3-million populated urbanization within a park. That clearly why it’s utopic since there are hundreds of meters of distance between the buildings which renders neighborhood and socialization impossible; and leaves public space as a rotten concept. (below are the images)


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