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The Walking City was an idea proposed by British architect Ron Herron in 1964. In an article in avant-garde architecture journal Archigram, Ron Herron proposed building massive mobile robotic structures, with their own intelligence, that could freely roam the world, moving to wherever their resources or manufacturing abilities were needed. Various walking cities could interconnect with each other to form larger ‘walking metropolises’ when needed, and then disperse when their concentrated power was no longer necessary. Individual buildings or structures could also be mobile, moving wherever their owner wanted or needs dictated.”

British architect Ron Herron in 1964 suggested an idea called, “The Walking City”. The Walking City is a gigantic mobile structure which would behave like an automated robot. Guided by artificial intelligence, it would roam to areas where required resources are located; moving to suit the needs of its owner. These cities can interconnect to form larger cities when needed.

For Archigram, mobility was important and omnipresent, even for the urban landscape that became a “Walking City”. Buildings can form new clusters anywhere to deal with the changing demands of a city. Yesterday’s offices could change into tomorrow’s museums and kindergardens.



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