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Reading about the construction of the letters and their stance within geometrical borders, I realize that that I was also very much concerned nowadays -and actually have been for a considerable time- in the geometry of the space. The space we contain, our geometrical projection on the physical visible world, and before all that our common geometry that Da Vinci knows way better than any of us, and stated before any of us.

In a more general sense, I have been reading about semiotics for the whole past week, and way before that too, ended up that letters and type are actually emphasized too little compared to the formed langue(structure of language). On the other hand, until now in our History of Visual Communication course, we have been talkin about the formation of letters. This weeks subject was the masters of type, from Bembo to Bodoni. With a little enlightment of my own, I ended up thinking that letters are actually the initial signs, again systemized to become the word and the system we are talking about here is the purified form of all the surface phenomenon created by individuals. The letters are signs and even in the formation of each individual letter, there’s a system, consolidate in its own geometry.

Here are two videos I actually wanted to share, before things get more complex…

Vanishing Point from Takuya Hosogane on Vimeo.

Disruptive by Design from Takuya Hosogane on Vimeo.


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