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Referring to the subject of “information graphics” in the past weeks -pictograms, iconography etc.- I came across the Slovakian artist Roman Ondák’s work as a “living infographic, a plotting of visitors’ heights whose mean will become increasingly apparent over the four months at the Temporary Stedelijk“.
Each participant is writing their names on the 4 walls, yet as there’s a mean where people’s heights could coincide, the names after some time started to overlap. At the end the wall typo became so dense that it looked like a huge black 4-edged linear black shape.

His statement is that the individuals in a society will, as a natural fact, will emerge and grow. And as they do, artist as the observer in that society will be revealing this emergence and other narrative contexts of the growth.


Another contemporary artist exhibited within the same museum, Barbara Kruger, is referring to another dimension of the individual, in more of a social and emotional manner. She uses massive typographical elements in a closed space of the museum. The installation is called Past/Present/Future.


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